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Fangs for the Memories (My Sister the Vampire #13)(7)
Author: Sienna Mercer

High school!

Just the fact that she needed public transport to get to school now, instead of walking, underlined how huge this day really was.

And she was doing it alone. Olivia was already on her way to London. Ivy’s chest tightened at the thought. I am going to miss her so much.

The dull roar of a plane’s engine overhead made her head jerk up. Could that be the same plane Olivia was taking all the way to London? She narrowed her eyes. It was definitely the right timing, but was it flying in the right direction? London was due east, right? And the sun rose in the east – everyone knew that. So, if the sun was in the east, then this plane looked like it was flying north – which meant it probably wasn’t her sister’s plane. But then again, when Ivy and her family had last flown to Transylvania, the plane had taken off and slowly turned around, so this plane could have been Olivia’s flight, just taking off . . .

Oh, I give up, Ivy thought, as a slight headache set in. According to Charles’s detailed instructions, a headache would not be good for the ‘fiendish’ educational challenge that was high school!

Then a new sound made Ivy’s head jerk up. The school bus had rumbled on to Undertaker Hill. Or rather: a Yellow Monster had! From front to back, the bus blazed fluorescent yellow. It was as subtle as the sun, or a flashing neon sign that read to everyone in town: Bunnies Aboard!

Ivy froze as the Yellow Monster charged towards her.

I can’t do this!

If only it had been black and purple, maybe she wouldn’t have minded being seen getting on board . . . but this? How could any self-respecting vampire go to school in a banana on wheels?

But what choice do I have? she realised. I’m the one who didn’t want to stay at Wallachia Academy. I promised Dad that I could do this. I have to prove that he was right to let me.

It took every ounce of pride Ivy had to force herself to her feet. Once she was there, she had to readjust her backpack just to give herself something to do . . . other than running for her life!

The bus hissed to a stop outside her house. Its doors creaked open like the jaws of a dragon, waiting to devour her whole.

Taking a deep breath, Ivy stepped through the open doors.

The bus’s driver was a middle-aged woman in a fuzzy blue sweater, and Ivy’s stomach sank. Even as she smiled politely, she braced herself for the look of disdain that she knew would be aimed her way any moment now. Bunnies like this hated goths!

But the bus driver just smiled back at her. ‘Welcome to the bus run, Ivy!’ She leaned forwards, lowering her voice to a whisper. ‘I know today is a big day for you, but everything will be just fine. You take it from me.’ She winked encouragingly.

Ivy was so stunned, she couldn’t even speak. All she could do was give the bus driver another wavering smile and then make her way down the aisle, past rows of mostly unfamiliar chattering bunnies towards the rear bench seat where – thank darkness! – she finally saw Sophia sitting all by herself.

Like Ivy, Sophia had dressed down for their first day of high school, wearing a plain black T-shirt instead of any of her beloved rock-band merch. Her long, dark hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail, making her face look tense, and her fingers and ears were bare of her usual fashionable goth accessories.

‘I’m so glad you’re here!’ Sophia picked up her backpack and scooted over to make room for Ivy. ‘Is it just me, or do the streets outside look almost . . .’

‘Scary?’ Ivy filled in sympathetically. ‘Trust me, it’s not just you.’ As she sat down next to her friend, the bus pulled away from her house with a rattle and jerk. Through the window, Undertaker Hill slid past, then disappeared behind them.

Ivy took a deep breath. She didn’t just feel like she was being carried to school – she felt like she was being pulled along in an insistent current. The current of change.

And she didn’t like it one bit.

Forget it, world! Ivy set her jaw hard. No one takes Ivy Vega anywhere she doesn’t want to go. I’m still in charge of my life . . . even if I am riding in a bright yellow bananamobile!

The bus screeched to a stop, throwing everyone forwards in their seats. As Ivy pushed herself back into place, the doors hissed open and a timid figure hesitated at the entrance. Finally, she moved forwards . . . and Ivy choked as she recognised Charlotte Brown, cheerleading queen bee of Franklin Grove Middle School, looking around the bus as nervously as a baby zebra heading into a den of ravenous lions.

Charlotte’s anxious gaze skittered all around the bus – then landed on Sophia and Ivy. Her face lit up into a beaming smile. ‘You’re here!’

She waved excitedly.

‘Is she for real?’ Sophia whispered, even as she half-lifted a hand to wave back.

Ivy had to bite back a laugh of astonishment. ‘Well, I guess our relationship did improve a lot by the end of last year . . .’

‘But still,’ said Sophia, ‘it’s not like we’ve been meeting up with her over summer vacation.’

‘Well . . .’ Ivy hesitated as Charlotte hurried towards them. ‘It’s actually quite . . .’ No, she had to stop there. Just thinking the word ‘sweet’ made her shudder.

But honestly, on a day full of danger, it didn’t hurt to see how eager Charlotte was to be friendly to two of the goths she’d once despised.

‘Eeee!’ Charlotte squealed. She plopped herself down between Ivy and Sophia, forcing them to make space. ‘I am so happy to see you guys! Are you heading for Willowton High? Please tell me you both are!’

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