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Loose Ends, Volume One (Loose Ends #1)(15)
Author: Kristen Ashley

He fucked like an animal.

She loved it.

Loved it.

A squeeze of her cheek and a growled, “Babe.”

She tossed her head back and caught his eyes in their reflection in the glass at the foot of the bed, where they we facing, Luci on her knees bent chest to the bed, getting fucked, Hap on his knees behind her, fucking her.



“Watch,” he ordered on a grunt.

It hit her she could see it all, and just how magnificent they were, right before the tingles shot up the insides of her thighs.

“Bello,” she breathed.

“Beautiful, do not come,” he ground out.

Too late.

Her head arched back at an impossible angle so she had to come up to her hands in the bed and arch her back.

Suddenly she was fully up, just on her knees, Hap’s arms around her, driving her down as he pounded up.

And she kept coming.

“You want me at your clit?” His words were coarse in her ear.


“N-no,” she pushed out, trembling and still climaxing.

“Shit, you’re cute,” he grunted, taking her, fucking her, then gliding a hand over her shoulder, up the side of her neck, into the back of her hair.

He grasped it, shoved her forward at an arch away from his body, but still upright, holding her steady with his arm wrapped around her shoulder, his other one wrapped around her chest, fingers cupping her breast, and he grunted his climax while he pounded her through it.

And as he did, another wave hit her, leaving her pulsing around his driving cock and whispering out faint whimpers.

After a while, Hap bent forward, letting her rest her upper body to the bed, then he straightened and started stroking inside her gently as he ran his fingers over her bottom.

“Jesus, this ass,” he murmured.

She smiled into the bed.

He caught at both of her hips, slid in and stayed put.

“You okay?”

She whipped her head around, cheek to the bed, but eyes aimed to him.

“I’m cute?”

“You aren’t right now,” he returned. “You’re hot as fuck right now. Sadly, I can’t do anything about that since you’ve very recently drained me dry.”

She smiled at him.

“And she gets even hotter,” he muttered, pulling out, using his hands at her hips to turn her to her back and then he landed on top of her.

The minute he caught her gaze, she announced, “We’ve been fucking for hours, Hap.”

His lips twitched. “Yeah, babe. I know. I was there.”

“As an Italian woman, there is no escape, it’s coded in my DNA. I must get fed. But even more, I must feed you.”

He did not look happy about the idea of leaving her bed.

And that made her happy.

“I’ll make an antipasto tray, bring it up,” she offered quietly.

“Luce, we got a problem.”

Oh no.

No, no, no.

No problems.

The world did not exist. It was this bed and only her kitchen as she had to go to it to get food.

And then it would again only be this bed.

They could let the world in again.

Just . . . later.

To communicate this, Luci grabbed his head on either side and stated, “I don’t want to hear of any problems.”

“This was my last condom.”

“Dio mio, we have a problem,” she mumbled.

Hap burst out laughing.

Luci stilled and watched.

Hap was handsome. That muscle-packed body (even better without clothes, she knew that, she’d seen him in swim trunks, however she’d never seen his cock, and that was delightful). His merry brown eyes. His military-cut brown hair, short on the sides, longer on the top.

But laughing . . .

No, when Luci made him laugh.

He was beautiful.

Those eyes, merry and twinkling down at her when he quit laughing, their lashes blunt and profuse, were his best feature. And that said a great deal since all the rest were fabulous.

“How about this?” he started. “I hit the store, you make up some food. I can grab anything you need while I’m out. We’ll reconnect here, eat, fuck, and then sleep until next week because I’m not twenty-two anymore, and you’re killin’ me.”

“This is a plan,” she agreed.

“You got beer?” he asked.

She was instantly insulted and didn’t hide it.

He started chuckling. “Stupid question, you’re Luce.”

“I am,” she retorted haughtily.

He bent and touched his mouth to hers before he drew away and said softly, “Get rid of this condom, get dressed, go out, back soon’s I can.”

“Deal,” she whispered.

His gaze changed and when his mouth came back to hers, it was not a touch.

The other time had not been a fluke, the experience magnified by a haze of alcohol.

It was fact.

Hap was a great kisser.

He ended the kiss (sadly), rolled off but flipped her disheveled comforter over her and snatched up his jeans from the floor before he took his third walk to her bathroom.

She rolled to her side to watch him go and curled into herself instead of stretching like a cat.

Yes, he was attracted to her.

Yes, he wanted her.

Yes, he wanted this, fucking and bantering and eating, and fucking more.

And sleeping.

Sleeping until next week.

She pulled the comforter over her mouth so he wouldn’t see her pleased smile if he walked back in.

She’d been able to extinguish it by the time Hap returned wearing nothing but jeans, his muscles bulging and shifting as he walked.

And watching him, Luci remembered when she first saw him that she thought he was too muscular. Too developed. Too big in that way.

She had been very wrong.

He found his T-shirt and tugged it on in that masculine way very masculine men had that was akin to wrangling the shirt to cover their bodies, uncaring how they stretched it and tugged it while they did so.

Luci enjoyed that show as well.

Shirt on, Hap sat on the bed to pull on his running shoes.

“You need anything else?” he asked.

“No, I went shopping this morning, so I’m fine.”

He turned his head her way, still yanking on a shoe.


So handsome.

Dio, those eyes.

“You got ice cream?”


“No,” she answered.

“Then we are far from fine,” he muttered, finished with his shoes, bent deep and kissed her again. He pulled an inch away and carried on muttering. “I’ll stock you up. Do it quick. Be back soon.”

“Okay, caro.”

He gave her a wink.

She memorized it.

Then he pushed up off the bed but rounded it and nabbed his wallet then his baseball cap, shoving the former into his pocket and pulling the latter on as he sauntered out.

She loved the cap.

But she watched his ass as he walked away.

He had an amazing ass. She’d always thought that.

When she lost sight of him, Luci rolled to her back and stared at the ceiling before she rolled to her other side and bent her head back so she could stare through the reflection of the room in the windows to the dark and shadowy sea.

She had no idea what was going on.

She was not going to question it.

Hap said they’d figure it out.

And she believed him.

But she knew he would not take it there, take it there again, and then again, then leave to get more prophylactics and “stock her up,” intending to come back and make love to her again and sleep together if he didn’t intend to be with her to figure it out.

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