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Three Trials (The Dark Side #2)(13)
Author: Kristy Cunning

“Running low on time,” Ezekiel growls as the first line of vicious, spitting, snapping-jawed monsters get within thirty feet of us on either side. “We don’t have time for hints and guesses. If you know the fucking answer just spit it out.”

A smirk emerges on my lips as I turn whole, and the lightning crackles louder.

“You be fearless,” I say under my breath as I start charging toward the beasts, ignoring the quad’s loud shouts of protests and swearing.

Gritting my teeth, I pump my arms and legs, racing headlong into the fray.

The monsters split, scattering and scrambling to get out of my way when fear and apprehension hits them. They practically trample each other to get as far away from me as possible.

A lot more unsavory words are flung at me from the guys, but I look back to see them following my lead. Though they don’t look happy about it. In fact, I’d say they’re looking a little murderous. Maybe they’re role-playing to add some drama to our game of mouse-chasing-cat.

I put my mega-bitch face on just in case it makes it work better.

The throngs of beasts continue to split, as the guys follow me in a single-file line.

It’s parting the monster sea with one crazy girl leading the charge. The monsters don’t even bump into me, because they’re so desperate to flee the fearless predator I’m pretending to be.

Just as the last set of monsters rush by us, I turn phantom, exhausted and needing a break from my very unfit, gravity-suffering body.

The storm dissipates as though it’s finished with us now that the monsters are gone. Honestly, I’m sort of wondering if that storm was mine. It gave me coverage from the Devil’s prying eyes just as I decided to turn whole.

The monsters keep running down the gulley, colliding with the others. I look away when they’re barely a distant echo.

Gage holds out a finger, shaking it at me, but he’s panting too heavily to use his words, which appears rather frustrating if his expression is any indication.

He settles for miming the motions of wringing my neck right in front of my neck, then turns and stalks off.

That’s two of them who have used the same charade-version of that threat against me now.

Ezekiel just glares at me, also not using his words. He takes a step toward me, then back again, then stops and squeezes his fists together. He finally turns and stalks off as though he’s forcing himself to do it.

Jude runs a frustrated hand through his hair, collapsing to a rock as the gulley fades from view, the latest obstacle passed and riddle answered. He looks like he wants to five-finger-death-punch me.

Kai slams his fist into a rock wall, looking back at me over his shoulder as he takes a few hesitant breaths, before deciding to advance on me like a naked Gladiator.

He opens his mouth like he’s about to yell at me, then instead releases a series of very loud and random sounds to relay his apparent frustration, shaking his head a little worrisomely, before he turns and starts stalking toward the black rocks now in our path.

“You’re welcome,” I say to their backs as they all walk away from me.

Another chorus of frustrated sounds is my answer to that as they start walking faster in their angry gait, forcing me to zap myself to them instead of all that walking.

“It worked, didn’t it?” I point out from directly behind them.

As if they planned it, all four flip me off without ever glancing back.

“Rude,” I sigh, stopping for a second to give them an unimpressed stare they don’t even see.

I jog and catch back up. “I bet that was easier than dealing with your swinging dicks during the blind dude battle, am I right?”

I pass through them and hold my hand up for a ghost girl high-five…that gets left hanging as they pass back through me.

“You guys totally don’t appreciate my amazing personality.”

Just as my hand falls on Ezekiel’s shoulder to try and get him to loosen up first, a blinding light blasts in front of us.

Chapter 7

When we land in the graveyard, apparently ejected from hell without warning, Ezekiel’s hand passes through me. I feel the tugs of him siphoning, and suddenly we’re home.

The other three follow us immediately, all of us inside the living room, eyes moving between each other like we’re a little speechless. Which is a feat for me, if I’m being candid.

I take notice of the fact I’m still in the slinky Devil’s costume, and they’re all incredibly naked. Immediately, I go whole, just in case they want to physically thank me for my awesome survival skills like Kai and Gage did during that exhausting trial.

Can’t be too prepared in these rare situations.

I inch a little closer to Gage, my arm brushing his. His arm absently goes around me, tugging me closer as though it’s a reflex, as he looks at Jude.

“He let us out,” Gage says.

“So now what?” Kai asks. “We were certain our death was guaranteed when we were dropped in the belly.”

“How could he have expected us to pass that course and survive? Even knowing we have her lingering around?” Jude asks, gesturing toward me like her needs clarification.

“Was it all an actual test if it wasn’t a death sentence? And what does the Devil gain with the knowledge he’s now gathered since having a chance to study you?” I ask.

They all give me an incredulous look.

“Sorry,” I tell them, not really sorry at all. “Looking at everything like it’s a riddle is a hard habit to break once you’ve gotten the hang of it.”

My hand subtly moves to Gage’s chest, tracing one of the weird tattoos I happen to like quite a lot. He’s still my current favorite, after all.

When I look back over, I see Jude glaring at Gage, and Gage smirking at Jude.

“Maybe we should discuss this with clothes on, since she’s easily very distracted,” Jude bites out.

I peer around at four very distracting erections that would say their minds have all gone to the same place as mine. They just like to pretend they’re not quite so base as I am.

“Life-threatening situations and survival sex go hand-in-hand,” I dutifully inform them, looking around at all the variously pierced cocks jutting out.

Gage’s cock jumps against my hip, and my eyes almost close, because I’m still getting used to all the really great sensations and experiencing a lot of firsts.

“Not until we all agree,” Gage says, still smirking at Jude.

“I’m the only one who clearly isn’t infected by her,” Jude tells him, then gives me a fuck-you grin that he stole from me.

“I’m positive I’m a virgin, even though I have no scientific evidence. I’d rather not go to a doctor to have him check. I’m not quite certain I want just anyone rooting around in such an intimate place. The point is, I highly doubt I have anything to infect you with.”

“How can I argue with her when she makes no damn sense ninety percent of the time?” Jude snaps, gesturing a little wildly at me like I’ve finally pushed him over that edge.

It’s fascinatingly intriguing, and I go to the kitchen as they continue talking.

“You’re the only one still convinced she’s a threat to our bond. It’s felt stronger over the past three days,” Gage tells him. “We’ve felt stronger.”

“Everything comes at a price,” Jude states as though he’s the reasonable one. “There’s always a balance. We know this. It’s why we agreed not to touch her, and now you’re all giving her orgasms and sleeping with her wrapped around you. She’s in your fucking heads like no one else has ever done before, clambering to be her damn momentary favorite, and none of you are even questioning it!”

Finished with step one of my current task, I press a few buttons on the microwave and go to grab a bowl.

“I’m seriously convinced she’s done something to the three of you. I’m the only one who hasn’t had my mouth on her, and I’m the only one who remembers how it feels when envy starts to rip us apart,” Jude growls.

“Is she making popcorn?” Ezekiel asks incredulously as the telltale pop pop pop starts its rapid-fire phase.

“She is insane. And very fucking distracting for all of us. Tell me you don’t see the fact we’ve just survived the worst third trial in hell’s long history, and instead of discussing the Devil’s true agenda, we’re discussing her,” Jude goes on as I pull the popcorn out and start pouring it into my bowl.

I quickly wash my hands, even though I can’t actually get dirty if I swap from transparent to whole. I’m just magically clean. Lovely little perk.

I don’t mind the guys being dirty. They still smell just as tempting, and now they’re a little battle dirty, which is actually very hot, since I’m insane like that.

“All we can do is speculate where Lucifer is concerned. He’s been called the ‘Mad King’ for quite some time,” Ezekiel drawls. “But we can start processing all we learned about her right now, while the memories are fresh. It’s clear she’s something we’ve been missing. You’re the only one not seeing that.”

Jude looks like he’s about ready for that death punch again when I come walking around, hugging my bowl of popcorn in one arm, while using my other hand to shovel it into my mouth.

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