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Immortal Hearts (Vampire Kisses #9)(8)
Author: Ellen Schreiber

Not like my sitters, who mostly never returned after one night of playing with the shaven-head dolls in my Barbie Nightmare House and cooking spider-shaped cakes in my Easy-Bake Oven.

Luna had everything I wanted - except Alexander - and though he was the one thing that mattered most to me, she still wound up getting under my temporary-tattooed, bone-white skin.

"She gets in soon," she went on. "I can't wait to have her here at the Crypt. She'll die when she sees it!" Then she let go of my sleeve. Luna whirled away from me, and I could hear her laughing as she slipped behind the bar and cozied up with Romeo.

Luna was evil. I wanted to be the one to bring Stormy to the Crypt, and Luna already had plans for that. How could I compete with her? I normally wasn't jealous of others - there wasn't much that I desired from people in Dullsville. But Luna had it all, and even though I had one thing she wanted - Alexander - she somehow managed to make her life's mission to see to it that I was the loser. And if I let her, she would do just that.

"Where have you been?" Scarlet asked when I caught up to the girls.

"Talking to Luna," I answered through gritted teeth. I couldn't hide my frustration.

"What about?" Becky asked. "You seem tense."

"Yes, are you okay?" Onyx asked sweetly.

"Just about Romeo," I said. "She's all into him, which is great. Hopefully this is for real this time." Becky received this news with a smile. But then she asked, "So why do you look angry? This is what we wanted."

"I know," I said. "But she just likes to throw all her relationships in my face. It gets old."

"Well, you have the one she really wants," Scarlet said. "So don't give her another thought." I was comforted by my friend's reassurance, but I still was bugged about Luna having such a strong relationship with Stormy before I'd even gotten the chance to meet her. When I saw Trevor walk into the club, another foe's taunts flashed before me.

"Did you hear that Jagger is planning on having a Halloween bash?" I asked them suddenly.

"No," Scarlet replied. She put her hands on her hips as if she, too, was surprised to have not been involved in the business-minded Maxwells' plans.

But Onyx didn't answer.

"You know something?" Scarlet asked her friend.

"Well..." Onyx responded softly.

"Spill it," Scarlet ordered.

"I think he's going to turn the Crypt into a haunted house for Halloween."

"That's awesome!" I said.

"I can't wait!" Becky said.

"That will be the greatest, ever," I added.

"I overheard him talking," Onyx said. "He's still working on the plans."

"But why didn't he tell us?" Scarlet said. "What's the big secret?" Just then Sebastian approached us, his blond dreadlocks bouncing with every step.

"Can I have this dance?" he said to Onyx, like a gentleman.

Scarlet, Becky, and I were surprised by Sebastian's invitation. He knew Onyx was smitten with Jagger, but since Sebastian had been tricked by the Maxwells, I assumed he didn't care.

No one was more surprised than Onyx. "I was waiting for..." she began.

"Go ahead," Scarlet said, gently pushing her toward him. "It's time you branch out." Onyx reluctantly obliged, and she and Sebastian rocked together in the middle of the dance floor.

"If Jagger keeps holding secrets from us," Scarlet said, "then it's time for us to find a new Jagger." My blood was boiling when I finally found Alexander by the bar.

"What's wrong?" he asked. "Where is that beautiful smile?"

I tried focusing my energy on Alexander, but I couldn't help but think of the Maxwells and how they got on my nerves.

"Well, Jagger is going to have a haunted house and he told Trevor and not us, and Luna is going to bring Stormy here before I can."

"Whoa. Slow down," Alexander said. His calming tone melted me, but I was still frazzled. "What about Jagger?"

"For Halloween, he is going to have a haunted house here at the Crypt. I found out from the girls at the club. And Trevor knew something was up before we did. He told me Jagger was going to have a 'spectacular event' for Halloween."



"Oh." Alexander looked away.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing..." But his voice was shallow and distant.

"Please tell me."

"I don't know.... It's just annoying that he'e ag that s the one that gets to see you all day when it should be me."

"Believe me, you are the only one I've ever wanted to see," I tried to reassure him.

"I know. But it's one of the things I miss by being a vampire."

"I know. But it's one of the things I miss by being a vampire."

I felt for him. Alexander experienced the same longing I did for him by not being able to completely share our worlds.

"I hate it, too. I wish you could be by my side at school. Hang out by our lockers. Sneak off for a kiss. But then again, you wouldn't be you." I gave him a soft smile.

"So, Trevor knows first," Alexander said. "Is that really a big deal?"

"Yes," I insisted. I wanted to be the first to have any new Crypt information, and I thought we deserved to be in Jagger's inner circle. "We hang out here all the time. We should know everything. And that means Jagger is still keeping secrets from us. What else does he have planned?"

"But a haunted house isn't something that we need to know about," he said in Jagger's defense.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes," he went on, pushing his dark locks away from his face. "It's his right, really. If he wants us to know, he can tell. If not, no big deal. It's just a haunted house."

Just a haunted house? I thought. This was a haunted house dreamed up by a living, breathing vampire. And not being in on the idea from the beginning made the news really sting, especially when Trevor knew before me.

"Now what's this about Luna and Stormy?" Alexander went on.

"Luna is shoving it in my face that she and Stormy are like sisters. And I haven't even met her." I folded my arms like a child.

"Stormy's not here yet," Alexander said. "Why are you worrying about this now?"

"Luna seems to think she gets to bring Stormy to the Crypt, not us. Not me."

I felt like I was in first grade. I was getting all wound up over something Luna might or might not do. But just the thought and her goading me was enough to make steam rise from my multipierced ears.

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